Kanya - Essential Oil Based All Natural Skincare

On one of my recent Instagram #allnaturalskincare research rounds I stumbled upon Kanya.

Kanya creates essential oil based skincare, and what immediately attracted me to their line of products, is the fact that at the core of their products is ancient yogic Chakra Balancing and Aromatherapy. Kanya has created essential oil-based recipes that work on distinct chakras or energy centers of our body.

When I reached out to Kanya to request a PR package in exchange for an honest review, I was contacted by the Founder Vernika herself to speak to me in person and tell me more about herself and what motivated her to create Kanya.

During our conversation we found out that we are two kindred spirits and that we live quite close to each other, so we decided to meet in person and that meeting inspired me to invite Vernika for an On Camera Interview, because not only is Vernika an inspiring person who has created a beautiful product, but she is also a woman we can all admire, because despite having a family she is also an empowered #bosslady.

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As I am about to give birth to my first child, it is women like Vernika I look up to and draw inspiration from. No doubt my role as a mum will be one of the most important and sacred journeys I am already on, but that doesn't mean that my goals as an accomplished singer songwriter will be put on hold forever.