Time to come Clean

When I found out that I am pregnant and started informing myself on different things pregnancy related, I heard and read from various sources, that many of the cosmetics that I have been using every day can have chemicals, like Parabens, synthetic colors and fragrances and other crazy stuff in them, that can negatively affect not only our health but also our growing baby’s development while still in the womb. Check out this article by Huffington Post Contributor Vanessa Cunninham, listing the 10 toxic ingredients to avoid and please do your research when you buy anything that you put on your skin or in your mouth. A fairly common cosmetic component called Triclosan can disrupt our thyroid function, and since I was recently diagnosed with a thyroid issue I am of course left wondering if it has anything to do with my recent diagnosis.

So when I found all of this out, I naturally I freaked out and decided to go on a quest to find the most amazing nontoxic all natural skin care hair care and nail care products that are our there. Quick Disclaimer: I am not a Beauty expert in any way, in fact I still don’t know how to properly apply fake eyelashes, but since I am a professional singer and recording artist (www.darjasmusic.com) I am an extremely active beauty product consumer (aka Addict lol).

I gotta be honest with you guys, once I started delving deeper and deeper into my research I realized that I should have done this a very long time ago. I consider myself a very conscious and aware person, but for some reason when it came to my personal care, the priority was always: what will give me the best coverage on stage? What will make my hair look shiny? What will even out my skin tone? I thought I was supporting cruelty free brands, thinking that in our modern world the best and biggest brands have long ago given up the cruel and insane practice of animal testing, but fact of the matter is that almost all of my favorite products that I was using up to date, like La Mer, Lancome, Armani etc. are distributing their products in China, which inadvertently means that they cannot call themselves 100% cruelty free. A very disappointing realization indeed.

China is one of the last countries in the world that still has a legal requirement for animal testing of imported cosmetics and domestically manufactured ones, with some exceptions. If you would like to find out more on this subject I stumbled upon a very comprehensive article published by Allure Magazine, which explains how some of the big companies are actually funding efforts to overturn China’s animal testing requirements. For now I want to wish the good people involved in these efforts, much love and success with it, but in the meantime I would like to start investing in and supporting companies that are achieving the status of non-toxic and 100% cruelty free status as I type these words.

Good bye to my Lancome 24h foundation, good bye to my La Mer Serum (and hello extra cash in my bank account), good bye to my NARS Concealer (why oh why did you decide to go into China and abandon your loyal customers right here at home?). But then again were these products ever non-toxic?

I am officially on a mission to replace all my usual cosmetics, with nontoxic, all natural, pregnancy friendly, ideally organic, and cruelty free cosmetic products, that are not only better for my skin but also perform well. As a performer, my skin hair and nail care has to perform together with me, so let the journey begin!

I decided that on my quest to finding the right companies to feature, a certain criteria would have to be met:

  1. Product quality and ingredients
  2. Product Packaging
  3. Personal Touch and Customer Care
  4. The story that made the Company

I really hope you will enjoy going on this exploration with me because I am beyond excited to have you on board and I am fully committed to try out and curate only the best of the very best for you!

Much Love and Success to you all Always!