Create Zen in Your Den

Welcome to my little Zen Corner.

I believe that everything we own, do and say carries its own intricate energy, that will either contribute to our well being or take away from our energy. Based on that belief I am very careful about everything that I bring into my life. That goes from who I associate with, to what items I get for my home, to what clothes I wear and what words I choose to use in communication with others.

I am an artist and I do have a creative mind and unfortunately in my case I am a bit of a stereotype, in need of constant decluttering of both spirit, mind and home.

Getting focused and getting clear on what you want to achieve in life is the first and very important step towards achieving your goals. Keeping your home in order and free from unnecessary clutter that weights you down, is the second step. And surrounding yourself with like minded people with whom you have a mutually inspirational relationship, is another very important factor in leading a balanced and happy life.

On this page I will share everything I know and practice in my own life, to help you create a Zen Lifestyle without much effort at all...because ultimately that is exactly what a Zen Lifestyle is about:

Experiencing the best and most inspiring life with the least effort.