How I found my Zen

10 Spiritual Books that will change your Life

I used to be a very negative person. For the majority of my life the glass was always half empty, I was always suspicious of people in general and only after they prove themselves would I let them even close to my 10 protective barriers.

Retrospectively I think this unwillingness to be vulnerable was hindering me big time as an artist and performer. My confidence and ambition to conquer the world was always propelling me forward and elevating me to new heights, but spiritually I was guarded and always worried to lose it all at any moment.

I was always tortured by many questions and then at the right moments I started stumbling upon the right books, that led me towards a more balanced life both physically and spiritually.

These are my Top 10 Books that helped me find my Zen:

1.) The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

The seven spiritual laws of success was an amazing first introduction to the general premise of how the laws of the universe work. This book gave me a first glimpse of the answers I was seeking and helped me commence my journey to become a happier and more balanced person and to live in harmony with my world, rather than at constant battle. It is around this time, that I started to practice meditation.

2.) The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

This book gave me a first look of what I can be capable of when I direct my mind into the right thought process. It was my first lesson on starting to think about what I want, instead of fearing the what I don't want. After reading this book I have experienced a few scenarios that seemed more like magic than reality to me, and gave me reassurance that I am on the right path toward self fulfillment.

3.) Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith

I was in San Francisco when this book was recommended to me by a very kindhearted waitress. I don't know how we started talking about it, but I strongly believe that the right books will be offered and presented to you at the right time - like small beacons of guiding light step by step I was being guided on my journey of spiritual growth. 

Wheels of life explains the intricacies of the sacred system of Chakras that lives inside of us. There is also practical guidance in how to activate and strengthen and activate those individual Chakras.

4.) Reality Transurfing, Volume I, II, III, IV and V by Vadim Zeland

This is the most important book I have read to date on the Laws of the Universe and how to work in harmony with those laws to achieve the greatest height of spiritual and financial success. You might have to take a few things with a grain of salt but my advice is DON't. The magic I have experienced while reading this book was ten times the amount compared to the rest. This is a practical step by step guide, which I have studied and re-read many times. This is an absolute must read if you want to learn how to create magic all around yourself and your loved ones as well as if you want to improve existing difficult relationships with you family or at your work place. This book is full of answers and practices that really do work. Contact me if you have specific questions and I will be very happy to answer them all.

Books in the series: Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations; Reality Transurfing 2: A Rustle of Morning Stars; Reality Transurfing 3: Forward to the Past; Reality Transurfing 4: Ruling Reality; Reality Transurfing 5: Apples Fall to the Sky.

Despite the fact that Transurfing Reality was one of the top non-fiction bestsellers in the world in 2005 and 2006; selling over 1,300,000 copies in Russia in three years, this series is still relatively unknown in the West. I want to be surprised, but for some reason I am not. Vadim Zeland explains a convincing, thought-provoking theory as well as practical advice on how to creating your own reality. “You are ruled by circumstances and it will always be like that until you learn how to manage your reality,” says the author. I don't want to go down the line of conspiracy theories, but I am certain based on my own experience that this book can turn anyone into a magician, and that not many people, especially those in positions of power would want people to master that craft. It would also explain why Volume I is currently unavailable on Amazon.

Unfortunately the way I see it we still live in a society, where most believe, that in order for you to be successful, someone else has to fail. Since I began my spiritual journey I do believe that we can all win at what we desire, without taking anything away from another.

This spiritual awakening has already begun in the Western World, where we love to celebrate each others success rather than smirking behind each others backs at their failure; which leads me to my next literature recommendations...

5.) The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now has sold over 2 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over 30 foreign languages. Eckhart Tolle went through extreme hardship and in his book he speaks of a spiritual journey to find our true and deepest self and reach the ultimate success in personal and spiritual growth. It is our mind that is our ultimate enemy and our ego that holds us back from living our best and most fulfilled life. The power and ability to staying in the present moment, instead of dwelling in the past or living in fearful anticipation of the future, is invaluable. My favorite practice that I extracted from this book and which I trained myself to use every day, is "listening with your body". Many of us, when in conversation with someone else, tend to either drift off somewhere else or we start thinking about our response in advance, instead of listening fully to what is being communicated. When you "listen with your body" the sensation I get is as if all the pores of my being are listening and absorbing what the other person is saying. The response I am able to generate from this type of fully present listening, comes from an extremely deep and meaningful place, allowing me to speak from a place of love and spiritual peace, because my ego and mind is not involved. It is my soul that responds.

6.) A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

“A wake-up call for the entire planet . . . [A New Earth] helps us to stop creating our own suffering and obsessing over the past and what the future might be, and to put ourselves in the now.” —Oprah Winfrey

This is Eckhart Tolle's second book and a continuation of his first. I think a prefer the first, but the second given good insight into how we as a society are growing into a more awakened state of existence.

7.) The Seat of the Soul: 25th Anniversary Edition by Gary Zukav

"...if you chose to focus your attention on the weakness of others, on their faults and shortcomings, you draw to yourself the lower frequency energy currents of disdain, anger and hatred...If you chose to focus your attention on the strengths of others, on the virtues of others, on that part of others that strives for the highest, your run through your system the higher-frequency currents of appreciation, acceptance, and love."

This book is a wonderful chapter by chapter break down of the human spiritual existence. Love is the answer, especially the self love kind. 

8.) Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Shunryu Suzuku

Zen is a workable discipline and religion, it is about posture and breathing, about the basic attitudes and understanding that make Zen practice possible, about non-duality, emptiness, and enlightenment. This book is a beautiful set of lectures by a very wise teacher, whose concepts sound simple but run deep and might require multiple re-reads. If you want to understand the practice of meditation "Zazen" this is definitely the book for you. 

9.) The Magic Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Magic Secret is a sequel to the best selling The Secret and resonated with me so much because of it's simplicity. It is a very easy and quick read with lots of practical tips on how to create magic in your life. The biggest practice I took away from this book and something I strongly believe helped me create my perfect life, is writing my Gratitude Diary. Generally speaking I feel like it is a human trait and bad habit to focus on everything that is less than pleasant in our lives. Many of us often let ourselves be controlled and influenced by the negative circumstances we might find ourselves in. The Gratitude Diary promotes a much healthier habit of focusing on all that is good in our life. Every morning, as my morning ritual I write down 10 things I am grateful for and why I am grateful for them. For example:
* I am grateful for the time I have right now to sit here in my cozy kitchen and write my gratitude diary, because this time to myself is invaluable to be and I get to enjoy my delicious Nespresso Latte, while I set myself up for a great day of accomplishments."

After completing my list of 10 things I am grateful for, I add a few things to thank the Universe in advance for. For example:
"Thank you thank you thank you for the most amazing time and result, recording my new single tomorrow".

This book is an absolute must read to understand and implement the magic power of gratitude and focusing on the good things you already have in life so that you can manifest even more great things to enter your world. 

10.) The Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks

Before reading this book I actually started listening to Abraham Hicks on Youtube. There are tons of different episodes on Youtube answering questions many of us are wondering about. The first time I realized that these discourse are real is when I kept re-listening to this one episode talking about Blue Glass and Butterflies...and one day as I was walking my white dog and listening to this episode, I found a blue glass marble that I believe was a sign to keep listening and keep learning and keep manifesting. Abraham Hicks teaches about the power of manifestation when you direct your thought and emotions into the right channels. To me the power of these teachings is very similar to the teachings of Vadim Zeland, but a bit easier to digest and absorb.

I sincerely hope this list of my favorite spiritual books, that helped me find my Zen will prove as useful to you as they were for me, to direct your life into a lane of spiritual and financial success. 

Much love to you all always. 



Create Zen in Your Den

Welcome to my little Zen Corner.

I believe that everything we own, do and say carries its own intricate energy, that will either contribute to our well being or take away from our energy. Based on that belief I am very careful about everything that I bring into my life. That goes from who I associate with, to what items I get for my home, to what clothes I wear and what words I choose to use in communication with others.

I am an artist and I do have a creative mind and unfortunately in my case I am a bit of a stereotype, in need of constant decluttering of both spirit, mind and home.

Getting focused and getting clear on what you want to achieve in life is the first and very important step towards achieving your goals. Keeping your home in order and free from unnecessary clutter that weights you down, is the second step. And surrounding yourself with like minded people with whom you have a mutually inspirational relationship, is another very important factor in leading a balanced and happy life.

On this page I will share everything I know and practice in my own life, to help you create a Zen Lifestyle without much effort at all...because ultimately that is exactly what a Zen Lifestyle is about:

Experiencing the best and most inspiring life with the least effort.