My 2nd Trimester Survival Guide - Symptoms, Essentials and Flying while Pregnant


2nd Trimester

Survival Guide

So let me tell you about the most significant difference between the 1st Trimester and the 2nd Trimester...So on week 14 almost all of my Symptoms disappeared as if they had never been
there. The nausea, the uterine cramping, the heartburn, the constant peeing,
extreme fatigue – Gone!

Good bye crazy constipated lady and hello Boss Babe who is ready to conquer the world!

I have so much energy, motivation and inspiration that I feel like I am on fire. So within two weeks I researched, planned and executed on my dream to start my own Youtube Channel and Blog - and so Girl with a White Dog came to life. 

However, despite this crazy new energy and inspiration to change the world, which I am pretty is driven by my little one sharing the magic from the womb, some of my old Symptoms
got replaced with new fun symptoms:

1.) Restless Legs and Cramps
I am not sure if you guys have ever experience restless legs in your life but for me it
is most annoying thing ever! It would mostly happen at night and there is currently
inconclusive knowledge on why it is happening but is could potentially have
something to do with low levels of iron or folate, and or changing. The only thing
that would help me with that particular symptom was putting my feet in very cold
water for a few minutes.

2.) Leg Cramps
Leg cramps are quite common in pregnancy and can be caused by dehydration
and a lack of magnesium in your diet. So make sure you drink a lot of water and
definitely consult with your doctor about taking additional magnesium
supplements. What is helping me out at the moment is this Magnesium Oil Spray, which
I use right before going to sleep. I am all about that smell when it comes to my skin care product and this one has a very pleasant Vanilla smell and is supposed to facilitate better sleep at the same time. I also recommend doing gentle stretching and pre-natal yoga on a daily basis, because that just maintains elasticity in your muscles and thus reduces cramping. 

3.) Growing Baby Bump
I know this is not really a symptom, but there are a few things we should be aware of when it comes to our growing munchkin and our growing belly. In my case my Baby Bump didn’t really start showing until week 27 but once it did start showing I also noticed the extra weight in my belly. So the one thing I can’t recommend highly enough to give you the necessary belly support is getting yourself a Pregnancy Belt. There are a ton of them out there on the market but I chose the Belly Bandit Upsie Belly belt. As soon as I put it on for the very first time I experienced incredible relief on my lower back and made huge difference. I now wear it all the

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time, especially when I am walking my doggie and when I am exercising. The Belly
bandit also comes with a pouch that you can either cool or heat up and slip right into
the back of your belt. I haven’t tried this feature yet, but I really do love the support
it gives my baby bump.

The other thing you should be aware of are stretch marks, I pretty much
immediately started using the ... stretch mark lotion by ... but I also recently went on
a quest to find non toxic and when possible organic skin care hair care and nail care
to replace my usual cosmetics with, to reduce the risk of harming my baby with
toxic elements, and I discovered this amazing Stretch Mark oil by Alteya Organics. I
love using this particular oil at night, because it has an amazing lavender smell and
is almost like my Aroma therapy for better night time sleep. If you guys have any
recommendations on all natural non toxic and organic stretch mark oil please let me
know in your comments below! Sharing is caring and I really want to try them all!

5.) Tips on Air Travel
I know a lot of you will be doing a baby moon trip in your second trimster, so the
three things that I can highly recommend based on my experience, especially for air
travel are compression stockings. I got mine from Sigvaris, and even after a 21hr flight I did not experience any swelling of my legs. Sigvaris is pricey but definitely worth the investment when it comes to quality and durability. My husband is a surgeon and he wears their compression socks on a daily basis, and their maternity compression pantyhose are equally as amazing - and I am not being sponsored by them! 

Even under normal circumstances, in pregnancy we are prone to blood clotting, which is actually a safeguard against losing too much blood during labor. So during a long flight, my OBGYN recommended that I stand up, walk around and do some stretching every hour, I
was also recommended to get the St. Josephs baby aspirin to take before my flight.
Again I am not a healthcare professional so you should definitely speak to your
doctor before you take anything. Drink lots of water, because even under non
pregnant circumstance we get easily dehydrated on a flight, and being pregnant
even more so.

And this is all that I have to report on my second Trimester! I wish you all a happy and healthy pregnancy! 

Much love and success to all of you always!