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Mommy in the Hood

I have recently embarked upon one of the most spiritually enlightening journeys of my life and being able to connect with and inspire other mommies to be is an absolute privilege. Subscribe to my blog to find out all about the amazing and useful products and gadgets I am discovering as we go through this together!


My Little Zen Corner

I believe that everything that surrounds us - be it the people we surround ourselves with or the things that make our home - carry an energy about them that either nourishes our well being or takes away from it. Visit my little Zen Corner to see my weekly additions to inspire you to create your very own Zen Environment.


My All Natural Beauty Picks

When I became "a mommie to be" I started hearing and reading about all sorts of chemicals found in our every day cosmetic products that can potentially be harmful to our little ones. So I began a quest to find the most pregnancy friendly cosmetic products and here is where you will find my weekly update on my discoveries!